The Burn and Shock Trauma Research Institute (BSTRI) of Loyola University Chicago is a unique community of scientists and clinicians devoted to the study of traumatic injury. As a multidisciplinary research institute, our programs include both clinical and laboratory research relevant to trauma injury and burns.  In our laboratories, our scientists investigate the body's reaction to injury and infection, with the hope that their research findings may someday lead to innovative therapies for trauma and burn patients.

In the hospital, institute members and clinicians work together on numerous clinical studies and clinical trials.  To insure the future of our research, the Institute also maintains a strong commitment to the research training of pre-doctoral, post-doctoral and clinical trainees.  Overall, the goal of our integrated programs is to reduce the devastating effects of traumatic injury.

BSTRI is led by director Matthias Majetschak, M.D., Ph.D.