M2 Course Study Aids

The Course Directors for Mechanisms of Human Disease and Pharmacology and Therapeutics have provided links on Lumen to several Educational Resources that students can access during the curricular year.  Required and recommended texts for second-year medical students can also be accessed through the Health Sciences Library.

In addition to the above resources, M2 students have reportedly found the following supplemental resources helpful: Review Questions, Online Video Subscriptions and Qbanks.  While supplemental resources are often used, they are not required and cannot replace SSOM curricular content. 

Some supplemental resources, particularly the Online Video Subscriptions (Pathoma and Sketchy) and Qbanks, are also widely used during Step 1 preparation, during both the curricular year and designated step time.  For further information on these resources, check out Step 1 Resources.

Mechanisms of Human Disease:

  • Review Questions
  • Online Video Subscriptions
    • Pathoma
      • A series of online lectures and PDF’s which can provide an overview of concepts in preparation for more detailed content in MHD lectures.

Pharmacology & Therapeutics:

  • Online Video Subscriptions
    • Sketchy Medical
      • A visual mnemonic approach to Pharm designed to make concepts memorable, but is otherwise insufficient on its own.