The Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) coordinates a peer tutoring program staffed by select graduate students, medical students, residents and fellows.  Tutoring services are free of charge to Stritch School of Medicine students.

  • How Do I Know If I Need A Tutor?
    • Limited or no prior knowledge of the course material
    • Non-science undergraduate major
    • Some difficulty understanding how knowledge is structured in a particular subject area
    • Difficulty identifying relationships between major concepts
    • Sense of being lost in the details
    • Problems imposing meaningful organization of the material


  • Request a tutor
    Please go to myLUMEN and click on Request a Tutor 


  • How Do I Apply To Become A Tutor?

    The ACE is continuously looking for individuals who are interested in tutoring.  If you have a solid understanding of one or more of the courses listed below and would like to share that knowledge with your fellow students, kindly consider applying:

    • MCBG
    • BD
    • SHB
    • HD
    • HP
    • HSS
    • FHB
    • MHD
    • Pharm and Therapeutics
    • USMLE Step 1 Prep
    • M3 Clerkships


  • Interested students must submit a Tutor Application Form.  Tutors can either volunteer their time or receive compensation.

**Please note that you must have received an 80% or higher/passed prior Board Exams, for any subject area you would like to tutor. 


Additional peer support is available through, Student-Run Student Review Sessions (SRSR) and Students Advising Students (SAS).


  • Who Should I Contact For More Information?

                     Saadia Rafiq - Senior Academic Support Advisor
                     (708) 216-5447