Greetings applicants,

Thank you for your interest in the Stritch School of Medicine.  We are a diverse community of learners and leaders who are striving to increase justice in the world through medicine.  Our institution’s mission is grounded in Jesuit values and embodies service at the very core.  At Stritch we employ mission-based, holistic admissions.  This means that we consider every application and strive to identify candidates who are well-prepared academically and professionally, and who fit best with our values.  We are seeking candidates who have demonstrated growth, engaged in reflection, challenged themselves, and made strong contributions to their campus and civic communities.  The admissions committee appreciates candidates who are passionate about careers in medicine in word and deed.  Candidates for the class are selected through a phased process involving review, interview, selection, and final decision.  Over 120 faculty and more than 200 students actively participate in the admissions process. A dedicated group of faculty members make up the Executive Admissions Committee who are resposible for final decisions.  As you can see from our class profile, our process yields a class that will benefit from their collective backgrounds, science foundations, language skills, cultural and social identities, insights, and experiences.  We look forward to receiving your application.


Sunny Nakae, MSW, PhD
Assistant Dean of Admissions, Recruitment & Student Life