Personal Characteristic

Just as important as academic achievement is the applicant’s character, desire to serve others, and understanding of the medical profession. Our application essay and admissions interview allow prospective students to demonstrate these qualities. Ideal candidates possess maturity, integrity and the ability to work with a diverse patient population. In keeping with our Jesuit heritage, we look favorably upon candidates who have shown the capacity to work and care for people from different social and economic groups, as well as learn from them. Involvement in community service is an advantage in that it demonstrates a concern for others and an ability to manage time efficiently. Of course, the Committee on Admissions recognizes that some people have limited opportunities for community service due to responsibilities at work and home.

Prior to submitting their application, prospective students should explore the medical profession to learn about some of the ethical, social, and economic issues confronting physicians today. Such an exploration will provide students with an awareness of the rewards and limitations of medicine. It can take many forms, including shadowing experiences and conversations with practicing physicians and other health care professionals or a hands-on experience, such as volunteering at a home for the developmentally disabled or caring for an aging relative.