Student Resources

 We have compiled a list of resources intended to help you be a successful graduate student at Loyola. Check out the menu on the left!


On-Campus Resources

Everything you'll need to get around Loyola: the library, Core facilities, Center for Health & Fitness, and cafeteria menus.



 Nearing graduation? Click here for information on how and when to apply. Then check out "Becoming A Scientist" to help prepare you for your next steps.



Check out information on where to live and get in touch with potential roommates.


Graduate Student Insurance

Loyola provides insurance to graduates students. Click here for more information.


Biomedical Graduate Departments and Programs at LUMC

 Click here to find out more about what LUMC has to offer and what's going on in your department.


Becoming A Scientist

Why become a scientist? And how can you be a better one? What do you do with a career in biomedical research after you get your degree?


Life Outside of Graduate School

Apparently, such a thing does exist. Check out links to local events in the area, as well as resources for public transportation.