Research Labs 2018

Callaci Lab

Interests:Alcohol-related effects on skeletal mass and

fracture healing.


John Callaci Ph.D., Jonathan Eby, Farah Sharieh, Ph.D.

Choudhry Lab

Interests: Intestine immunity and epithelial barrier function

after alcohol exposure and injury.


Mashkoor Choudhry, Ph.D., Lillian Anderson, Ph.D., Abigail Cannon, Ph.D.,  Caroline Johnson, M.D., Paulius Kuprys, Ph.D., Xiaoling Li M.D., Marisa Luck

Lowery Lab

Interests: Alcohol use in organ donors, lung transplant, airway inflammation.


Erin Lowery, M.D.

Muthumalaiappan Lab

Interests: Mechanisms of impaired erythropoiesis in post burn

anemia of critical illness.


Kuzhali Muthumalaiappan, Ph.D., Maria Camargo, Ph.D., Julia Walczak, Research Specialist

‌‌Radek Lab

Interests: The role of stress responses and cholinergic

activation in modulating epithelial innate

immunity and cutaneous wound healing.


Katherine Radek, Ph.D., Morgan Langereis, Research Specialist