Research Labs 2017

Callaci Lab

Interests:Alcohol-related effects on skeletal mass and

fracture healing.


John Callaci Ph.D., Phil Roper Ph.D., Farah Sharieh, Ph.D.

Choudhry Lab

Interests: Intestine immunity and epithelial barrier function

after alcohol exposure and injury.


Abigail Cannon, Paulius Kuprys, Xiaoling Li MD, Marisa Luck, Niya Morris

Lowery Lab

Interests: Alcohol use in organ donors, lung transplant, airway inflammation.


Erin Lowery, M.D., Maria Camargo, Ph.D.

Majetschak Lab

Interests: Roles of chemokine receptors in the regulation of

organ function after trauma, shock and sepsis.


Lauren Albee, Favin Babu, You-Hong Cheng MD, Jonathan Eby,

Xianlong Gao Ph.D.,  Heather LaPorte

Muthumalaiappan Lab

Interests: Mechanisms of impaired erythropoiesis in post burn

anemia of critical illness.


Pablo Saenz-Lopez Larrocha, Ph.D., Kuzhali Muthumalaiappan, Ph.D., Harin Pallikarana Tirumala

‌‌Radek Lab

Interests: The role of stress responses and cholinergic

activation in modulating epithelial innate

immunity and cutaneous wound healing.


Melanie Bollnow, Laura Mac-Daniel Ph.D., Katherine Radek, Ph.D.