Frequently Asked Questions

How do I obtain Help?

Stop by CALL 256 (office in 254), or e-mail if you need assistance with below or other issues outlined in these pages.  If you have an urgent request call x65992 from 8am to 5:00 pm.  Please e-mail CALLLAB as above, if you notice ANY equipment problems or malfunction in the School, so we can fix them ASAP.  Detailed computer and printer technical instructions can be found on the LUC Sakai site at Student Technology Questions.

Where can I save important files?

LUC Box is Loyola supported cloud-based storage available to faculty, staff and students. Use this space to save files, and share and collaborate with others. Access your LUC box account through

I received an e-mail or notice that my password is expiring. How do I change it?

You must change it using a carefully followed procedure by clicking SSOM and Graduate Student Password Change Procedure

How can I get into Outlook e-mail when my password no longer works?

You need to do the Password Change procedure above to re-synchronize your password across all LUC/LUMC systems.

How can I access Outlook e-mail remotely?

Go to the page "Reconnecting Your Mobile Devices"  found on the general "Details for Students" Outlook page at LUC ITS.

How long are my e-mail messages retained?

E-mail messages and other Outlook items for @LUC.EDU accounts are retained up to the 25 Gb limit of the mailbox.  Please maintain your mailbox by deleting old items so that you can continue to receive them.

I am having difficulty viewing class videos.  What can I do?

Click this link:  Video Test Page or contact us as above.  Also, if you submit the Video Problem Report form that appears when you try to load the video, it will help us a great deal to resolve your issue.

 If I'm having trouble with my laptop, can I bring it in for help?

We provide limited help with personal laptops, especially in regard to school web resources, networking, remote access and Stritch or LUMC software.  Please e-mail to make an appointment, afternoons preferred.

As a student, am I eligible for any computer discounts?

Loyola has a discounts available through many vendors.  Check out this link for free and discounted hardware and