Committee on Academic Rank and Tenure

The Committee on Academic Rank and Tenure (CART) is the approved rank and tenure committee of the Stritch School of Medicine (SSOM) in the Health Sciences Division (HSD) of Loyola University of Chicago (LUC). The mission of CART is to ensure that all LUC/HSD/SSOM faculty appointments, promotions and tenure decisions are made in a fair and consistent manner in full accordance with information contained in the LUC Faculty Handbook as well as the current SSOM promotion and tenure guidelines presently approved by the LUC Faculty Affairs UPC, SSOM Dean and HSD Vice-President and Provost. The SSOM’s CART fulfills its mission by submitting recommendations to the Dean of SSOM. These minutes of CART meetings are reported and formally approved on a monthly basis by the Dean’s Cabinet. The following documents and links serve as a basis and also provide guidance for CART’s decisions and recommendations: