Central Curricular Authority Sub-Committees

Curricular Year Directors

Neil Clipstone, PhD (First Year)

Theresa Kristopaitis, MD (Second Year)

Scott Graziano, MD (Third Year)

Amy Blair, MD (Fourth Year)

Competency Evaluation/Assessment Review Committee (CEARC)

Chair - James Winger, MD
Administrator - Maureen Locklund

William Adams, MA
Melissa Briones, MD
Neil Clipstone, PhD
Lera Driver (Class of 2021)
Scott Graziano, MD
Paul Hutchison, MD
Adam Kabaker, MD
Theresa Kristopaitis, MD (Ex- Officio)
James Mendez, PhD (Ex-Officio)
Greg Ozark, MD
Donna Quinones (Ex- Officio)
Adam Schiff, MD
David Schilling,MD
Karie Scrogin, PhD (Ex-Officio)
Garry Sigman, MD (Ex- Officio)
Beth Sonntag (Ex- Officio)
Jodi Speiser,MD
Katie Wasson, PhD

Curricular Innovations and Technology in Education (CITE)

Chair - Trent Reed, DO
Co-Chair/Administrator -  Amy Hoyt, MEd

Marissa Bourgese (Class of 2023)
Jeffrey Branch, MD
Tina Calcagno
Sandra Cavalieri
Neil Clipstone, PhD
Susan Crowell
Jacqueline Deirmenjian (Class of 2022)
Baltazar Espiritu, MD
Robert Frysztak, PhD
Gopal Gupta, MD
Michael Haske, MD
Gail Hendler, MLS
Bob Johnson, MEd
Greg Klitz
Mark Knab, MD
Tiffany Ku (Class of 2021)
James Mendez, PhD
Ron Price
Stacey Zurek, PhD

Evaluation Subcommittee

Chair - Karie Scrogin, PhD
Administrator - Jessica Bumbaris

Lydia DonCarlos, PhD
Lara Dugas, PhD, MPH
Omer Iqbal, MD
Herbert Mathews, PhD
Jessica McIntyre, MD
Arthur Sanford, MD
David Schilling, MD
Susa Uprichard, PhD

Longitudinal Outcomes

Chair - Garry Sigman, MD

Bill Adams, MA
Emily Anderson, PhD
Amy Blair, MD
Melissa Briones, MD
Amy Hoyt, MEd
Arthur Sanford, MD