Credit Reports

Documentation of RSS Attendance    

You can produce a transcript of the Category 1 credit you have earned for attending Regularly Scheduled Series activities through the link below.  Click on link and follow the instructions provided to produce and print your transcript.

Category 2 Data Collection Mechanism

You can use this tool to collect your data for activities you participate in that qualify for (self-reported) category 2 credit.  Click the link below and follow the instructions provided to enter data into the collection system or to produce and print a transcript of the category 2 credit you have accumulated. 


A licensee is required to complete 50 hours of continuing medical education per year for a total of 150 hours of continuing education per license renewal cycle (1 hour CME = 1 credit).

  • All 50 hours per year can be category 1 credit (formal)
  • Up to 30 hours per year can be category 2 credit (informal)*

*Category 2 credits are self-reported and can be claimed for activities not certified for Category 1 credit. 
 More information on Category 2 credit

More information regarding licensure requirements can be found at the Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulations web site at:

  • Click "Professional Regulation (on left side)
  • Choose "Physician" from the Select a Profession drop down menu
  • Click "Medical Rules"
  • Section 1285.110 - Continuing Medical Education (CME)
  • Section 1285.120 - Renewals