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Activity Accreditation

We will:

Meet with the activity director(s) to discuss accreditation requirements.

Provide activity director(s) with the electronic application, assisting with any questions and resources to for application completion.

Appraise the submitted application for concerns and process for committee review.

Provide the CME Division cost estimate

Notify the activity director(s) with the committee decision and credit award.

Provide our ACCME accreditation statement for use in all promotional and handout material

List activity information on the CME Tracker Portal, which is also linked on our website here

Assist with your promotional piece, either by providing templates or creating for you, and provide approval for printing.

Provide required materials (disclosure statement, commercial support acknowledgement, evaluation, outcomes assessment).

Provide oversite of sponsoring department for compliance with ACCME standards and LUCSSOM policies and procedures

Provide a summary report of evaluation data.

Collaborate to administer an outcomes assessment, and analyze and prepare summary report of data.

Maintain credit records of our attendees.

  • Financial obligations
    • provide financial detail worksheet to sponsoring department for completion
    • review completed financial detail submitted by sponsoring department, contact for any additional information or clarifications needed.
    • oversee payments and income processed by sponsoring department


  • Commercial interest obligations
    • oversight of sponsoring department to assure compliance with all LUCSSOM and ACCME commercial interest policies
    • administer, oversee acquisition of and process Letters of Agreement with each commercial interest