Clinical Resources

We provide these clinical resources pages as tools to assist you in your clinical practice.  In addition to clinical guidelines and order sets of the Loyola Health system, we provide links to specialty societies and the USPSTF protocols, guidelines and recommendations in one location.  We feel access to clinical resources in one place on the CME website enables you to search quickly to obtain information for your practice.    If you choose to do so, you can track your use of these resources and self-report as AMA PRA Category 2 credit.  A tool to aid you in tracking your category 2 credit can found under the "Credit Reports" tab. 

We also know it is important for you to provide your patients with reliable information to maintain their wellness.  The ability to do so at point-of-care is crucial.   We have provided the "Resources for Your Patients" section below to assist you in providing your patients with trusted sources to strengthen their knowledge.  

Do you know of a source, either clinical or patient related, that would be beneficial to add to these pages? Please let us know so we can continue to expand our resources for you.

Resources for Your Patients 

Loyola Health System is investing in the community through outreach programs that improve health and quality of life.  The following are links are meant to provide patients with information that can assist in maintaining their health. 

Health Encyclopedia - A look up guide for diseases and conditions, symptoms, injuries and much more.

Drug Information Portal - A look up guide for drug information, interactions, and other drug focused information.

National Institute of Health featured health information - A look up guide for alternative medicines and lab tests to assist you maintaining your health.

Vaccine and Immunization guide - A guide to recommended vaccines and immunizations.

National Institute on Aging - A resource on aging dedicated to improve the health and well-bging of older individuals through biomecial, social, and behavioral research.

National Cancer Institute  - A consumer-friendly guide to information about drugs for cancer and conditional related to cancer.

National Institute on Drug Abuse - Resource on causes and consequences of drug use and addiction. Learn facts about most commonly abused drugs Drug Facts

National Institute of Mental Health - Federal agency for resaerch on mental disorders.

National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke - A guide to a variety of neurological disorders, symptoms, methods of diagnosis, and available therapies.

Suicide Prevention Resource - National Institute of Health Suicide Prevention resource on signs and symptoms, risk factors, medication and treatments.