The CVRI supports Loyola clinicians and scientists via several intra-mural awards funded by the generous support of our donors.

Please note that only Loyola University Chicago CVRI students and faculty members are eligible for these awards.


A full list of the 2017-18 award recipients is listed below under each grant award.  here is the announcement letter from the co-directors.

Edward J. and Eileen D. Prendergast travel fellowships (up to $1,000) 

These awards support Ph.D. students and M.D. students/fellows to travel to scientific conferences, especially when they are a presenting author.

2017-18 Pendergrast recipients:

Raiza Bonomo

Jack Bontekoe

Laquita Brown

Hannah Friedman

Jeff Ni

Sasha Rosen

Amanda Walborn


Falk Foundation Neuroscience Student Travel Award (up to $1,000)

The Falk award is a special recognition of the most meritorious neuroscience graduate student among the Prendergrast Travel Award applicants.

2017-18 Falk award recipient:  Andie Asimes


James and Carolyn Beck equipment grant (up to $10,000)

This endowment provides funding for CVRI equipment that will benefit multiple faculty members and collaborative projects.

2017-18 Beck Equipment Grant recipients:

Lara Dugas, PhD and Amy Luke, PhD, Public Health Sciences

Bruce Gaynes, DO, Ophthalmology

Jonathan Kirk, PhD, Cellular and Molecular Physiology


James DePauw grants for pilot projects ($5,000)

The DePauw grants support small pilot research projects, especially those involving collaborations between CVRI faculty that help advance our mission of deeper collaboration between clinicians and basic scientists.

2017-18 DePauw Pilot Grant recipients:

Debra Hoppensteadt, PhD, Pathology, and and Vinod Bansal, MD, Nephrology

Karie Scrogin, PhD, and David Rademacher, PhD, Molecular Pharmacology and Therapeutics

Ramon Durazo, PhD, Public Health Sciences

Virginie Mansuy-Aubert, PhD, Cellular and Molecular Physiology

Lara Dugas, PhD, Public Health Sciences, and Michael Anstadt, MD, Surgery

Simon Kaja, PhD, Ophthalmology

Erika Piedras-Renteria, PhD, Cellular and Molecular Physiology

Aleksey Zima, PhD, Cellular and Molecular Physiology


Patrick Scanlon Collaborative Grants Award (up to $20,000)

This mechanism is for larger collaborations, particularly those between clinical faculty and basic scientists, which are larger in scope than pilot projects and can likely result in a published manuscript.

2017-18 Scanlon Grant recipients:

Holly Kramer, MD, Public Health Sciences, and Jawed Fareed, PhD, Pathology:  "BBC (Blood pressure and inflammation in Blacks) -Calcium and Vitamin D Study"

Jeanine Walenga, PhD, and Wickii Vigneswaran, MD, Thoracic and CV Surgery:  "Differential Cytokine Activation Patterns and Associated Cellular Activation in Lung Transplantation Primary Graft Dysfunction"