CVRI Small Animal Research Core

This facility provides Loyola University and outside researchers, including industry scientists, with a central resource for creating and studying cardiovascular physiology and pathophysiology in animal models on a fee-for-service basis. While the central focus of the facility is cardiovascular research, the facility offers a wide range of techniques to a number of investigators in other fields. Currently, the facility is conducting studies on burn and shock trauma, gene targeting, heart failure and other cardiovascular diseases. The core also provides laboratory teaching for various surgical techniques and echocardiography.

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CVRI Molecular Simulation Facility

As computational power has increased, biochemistry has become more dependent on simulations to analyze macromolecular structure, motions, and interactions.  This method can be used to predict structure/function mechanisms and to perform translational drug discovery/optimization studies.

With a high performance computing cluster this facility can train individuals in the valuable skills of computational biochemistry, including Scientific Molecular Visualization. It can also perform in silico drug design services on a fee-for-service basis.

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