Faculty Recruitment

Recruiting a Diverse Faculty

Stritch recognizes that a diverse faculty is essential for enhancing medical education, reducing health disparities and increasing access for underserved populations. As such, increasing the participation of underrepresented minorities and women in academic medicine  remains at the forefront of our priorities. An important strategy for promoting equity and inclusion is to conduct a vigorous, well planned search, which should help ensure that women, minorities, and other underrepresented groups are well-represented in applicant pools for faculty positions. Procedural factors that promote diversity during the search include:

  • the development/language of position announcements
  • composition and training of search committees
  • widespread advertising and
  • pro-active outreach/networking activities

A significant barrier that impedes the selection of diverse candidates, is the influencing factor of unconscious bias or implicit bias.  Unintentional biases impact the way we select and evaluate candidates, thus it is important to understand how they operate in the recruitment process. The purpose of the materials below is to provide department chairs, search committees, and all those involved in faculty recruitment with background information about unconscious biases and strategies for rising above cognitive errors to identify excellent underrepresented candidates. We invite you to view the following  resources:

Understanding Unconscious Biases

Resources for Faculty Recruitment