Diversity Initiatives

FORWARD: Faculty Opportunities and Recognition for Women's Advancement, Resilience, and Development

Stritch strongly believes in supporting the careers of all faculty members. In an effort to address issues of particular interest to women faculty,ODI along with the Office of the Dean established a new initiative to promote academic and professional development for women, while fostering an equitable environment at Stritch. The purpose of FORWARD (Faculty Opportunities and Recognition for Women’s Advancement, Resilience and Development) is to help women faculty (both basic sciences and clinical) maximize their research, clinical skills, instructional and professional capabilities while providing resources for work/life balance. Features of the initiative include:

  • Mentoring
  • Career Advancement
  • Leadership Skills

By implementing activities that provide women with the tools to thrive and make a full contribution, we expect that FORWARD will serves as a catalyst for institutional change to expand opportunities for women’s growth and leadership at Stritch and LUHS.

Faculty Advisory Council on Diversity and Inclusion (FACDI)

Composed of  faculty and senior academic leadership the main priority of the FACDI is to facilitate policy change in areas that concern faculty recruitment, retention, promotion and tenure. The council will identify institutional impediments to faculty diversity and develop action strategies that address these issues. Additionally, the FACDI develops ways to increase the transparency of policies and implement measures of accountability for diversity progress at the departmental level to ensure that policies and practices are consistently applied. The council meets every two months (six times a year).