Faculty Advisory Council on Diversity and Inclusion

Mission and Charge:

The main charge of the FACDI is to facilitate policy and culture change in areas that concern faculty recruitment, development and retention of underrepresented faculty at Stritch. The Faculty Advisory Council on Diversity and Inclusion reports to  the Dean and functions to advise and assist in the design and implementation of strategies that advance faculty diversity for the School of Medicine.  The council will identify institutional impediments to faculty diversity (through assessment of institutional climate and demographics) and develop strategies to address barriers. The FACDI serves as a guiding coalition that communicates the diversity vision to the entire SOM community and support its implementation. 

FACDI Roles and Responsibilities:

  1. Assess institutional demographics, climate and culture (identify institutional strengths and opportunities for improvement)
  2. Serve as ambassadors to their respective department and colleagues on issues of equity and diversity and continually reinforce institution’s commitment to diversity
  3. Recognize and honor exemplary actions or initiatives that contribute to a diverse and inclusive climate
  4. Facilitate the implementation of  strategies, programs, and initiatives that increase recruitment and retention of URM faculty, women and other underrepresented groups.
  5. Develop a system/plan for diversity assessment and accountability to monitor progress and produce annual report; (Strategic Diversity Plan)
  6. Periodically review and recommend changes to the School of Medicine strategic diversity plan
  7. Review and recommend changes to current faculty policies and practices that pose barriers to recruitment and retention of URM faculty, women and other underrepresented groups
  8. Assist in highlighting, recognizing, and publicizing diversity initiatives to
  9. promote campus-wide cooperation and participation,
  10. Share, disseminate and vet diversity strategies, initiatives and information with their SOM communities and stakeholders

 FACDI Working Groups

Education and Events (programmatic approach)

This subcommittee works to plan and implement educational /faculty development events that increase awareness of best diversity practices, while highlighting the institutional benefits of diversity. Provide the framework for linking diversity to institutional quality and mission. Specifically this subcommittee focuses on leadership development activities that provide department chairs, program directors and other faculty leaders with practical tools and skills to create an inclusive environment. Please contact Freager Williams, MD (FWILLIAMS@lumc.edu) to schedule  FACDI Departmental Workshops.

Faculty Recruitment and Retention (institutional policies and practices)

Implement departmental and institutional practices/policies that facilitate recruitment/hiring, retention and advancement of URM and women faculty. Identify institutional impediments to faculty diversity at Stritch/LUMC and develop action strategies that can be executed at the departmental level.

Data Assessment and Evaluation (monitoring diversity progress)

Systematically gather quantitative and qualitative data to identify problem areas with regard to  faculty recruitment, retention and perceptions of culture/work environment.  Identify indicators and baseline/assessment tools to evaluate the immediate and long-term impact of diversity initiatives. Develop mechanism for reporting and sharing information on diversity progress to inform initiatives and decision making.