Dani Terrell

Why Stritch?
When I was applying to medical school, I developed a sort of “shopping list” of all the things I needed and wanted in a medical school to prevent me from getting distracted from all the bells and whistles schools often roll out during the interview. I ultimately chose Stritch because it had all of the components of my list.

  • Freedom to learn in a way that is conducive to me
  • Resources that allow for me to achieve goals….no matter how unorthodox
  • Diversity in the student body and administration
  • Faculty that love to teach and mentor
  • A place where my spirituality is part of my medical education
  • Community Outreach- they practice what they preach
  • Endless opportunity for learning and self-enrichment

Involvement in and out of School

  • SNMA-HPREP—exposing area youth to careers in healthcare
  • Medical Spanish
  • Chicago Community Health Worker Network-- exposing area youth to careers in healthcare
  • Ever thrive Illinois—public health advocacy for women, children, and families
  • Social Justice and Cultural Awareness in HealthCare  
  • Physician’s in Vocation Program—exploring spirituality in medicine

Career Goals
At this point, my desired specialty is neurosurgery; but I don’t believe that I will ever do just one job within the healthcare system. I have an MPH, and am very passionate about creating and influencing health policy, and making specialty services available to underserved populations. I would also love to teach one day.