Nina Sheade

Why Stritch?
To be perfectly honest, Stritch first appealed to me because of geography. As a native of the northwest suburbs, I wanted to be close to my support network of family and friends in the area. Throughout the interview, acceptance, and personal decision-making process, however, I was continually surprised and impressed. Surprised that a medical school could foster a collaborative spirit and a strong sense of community among its students. Impressed by the enthusiasm that every physician, student, and administrator had for the school and the hospital. And those feelings have only grown. I interact daily with others who are as passionate about social justice and community building as I am, which makes Stritch so much more than just my medical school. As a queer medical student, I feel supported and accepted, and the diversity of my fellow students tells me this isn’t an accident. Though I may not have known it when I first applied, I chose Stritch because it was the right fit; a place where I will get not only a great medical education, but will have my whole person recognized, supported, and nurtured.

Involvement in and out of School
This year I have been involved with the C8 patient advocacy group, where I meet with a family in the Maywood community, learn from them about their life and health challenges, and work together to make healthy changes. I have been involved in planning HIV/AIDS Awareness Week with the Physicians for Human Rights group and the SSOM LGBTQA group. I tutor pediatric in-patients with the Pediatric Interest Group. I’m also part of the Bioethics and Professionalism Honors Program.

Career Goals
I see myself practicing in underserved communities, but as far as specialty, I still don’t know. I have some interest in pediatrics and adolescent medicine as well as women’s health, but mostly I’m excited for 3rd year, where I can get a better sense of what types of medicine appeal to me.