The research focuses of the members of the department vary in interest and location on the spectrum of our goal to move from “bench to the bedside.” Areas that have been of interest include:

  • Clinical trial identification, enrolment, monitoring
  • Clinical research
  • Policy development
  • Education and curriculum development
  • Bench studies on assays and bio-markers
  • Pediatric Emergency Care

Mentoring of student research projects include:

  • Use of bio-markers in the clinical setting for earlier detection of "time dependent" diagnosis
  • HIV testing in the ED setting
  • MRSA testing in the ED setting
  • Antibiotic "stewardship" in relation to biomarker use
  • Policy work in relation to Emergency Care for Children
  • Gender trends as related to Chest Pain presentation in the ED
  • Topics relevant to student interest as related to Emergency Medicine, Pre-hospital Care, and "Accelerating" care models and patient throughput.

The Department of Emergency Medicine has served as Co-Principal Investigator for the Emergency Medical Services for Children Grant (EMS-C). This grant was brought to Illinois through a novel collaboration with the Illinois Department of Public Health in 1994. Through this collaboration the Co PIs from both Loyola University Medical Center and IDPH have partnered to develop and infrastructure that:

  • Evaluates Emergency Departments throughout the state of Illinois by a facility recognition process for their ability to care for pediatric patients involving a coordination of services, quality assurance in their care, and appropriate equipment for the various age groups in this population.
  • Education programs addressing both clinical issues unique to the care of children and community concerns (disaster preparedness, infectious diseases, children with special healthcare needs) involving this population.
  • Policies and procedures for institutions managing pediatric populations to ensure more seamless care and transfer to appropriate centers for care.