Medicare Wellness Visits

The information contained in this area is for physicians, advanced practice providers, and other health care professionals who perform Medicare Wellness Visits.

There are three types of Medicare Wellness Visits:

  1. Welcome to Medicare
  2. Initial Annual Wellness Visit
  3. Subsequent Wellness Visit

Click here TED Talk Medicare Wellness Visits for a brief introductory video by Michael Gill, MD, PhD, FAAP introducing the Medicare Wellness Visits

Click here AWV - Smart Set EPIC WorkFlow detailed by Marianne Laff, CPN, APRN,BC, NP outlining the EPIC components of how to complete a wellness visit

Medicare Wellness TED Talk slides


Michael Gill, MD, PhD, FAAP
General Internal Medicine
Pediatrics, General Pediatrics
Assistant Professor
Medical Director, Loyola Center for Health at Wheaton
Marianne Laff, CPN, APRN, BC, NP