HSD Forms

Forms should be completed with all supporting documentation, signed, and uploaded.

Students should login to our secure server using their Loyola username and password in order to submit Financial Aid documents. If parents/spouses would like to submit documents on a student’s behalf, the student may grant them access through the secure upload link.

Forms may also be faxed to 708.216.0480, scanned and emailed to ssomfinaid@luc.edu, or mailed to the address below. 


Health Sciences Campus
Financial Aid Office
2160 South First Avenue
Maywood, IL 60153
If you have any questions please contact the Financial Aid Office, at 708.216.3227 or ssomfinaid@luc.edu.

Appeal Forms

  • Special Circumstance Appeal (1U HSD)  2019-2020
  • Budget Adjustment Appeal (1B HSD) -  ‌  2019-2020

Loan Forms

  • Financial Aid Award Adjustment Request (RD HSD) -   2019-2020

Scholarship Forms

  • Outside Scholarship Notification (OR HSD) -    2019-2020

Verification Forms

  • Change in Living Arrangement (LG HSD) - ‌  2019-2020
  • Citizenship Certification (CI/CZ HSD)-   2019-2020
  • High School Completion Worksheet (HC HSD)-   2019-2020
  • Independent Student Household Size Verification (HI HSD) -  ‌  2019-2020
  • Independent Student Verification Worksheet (IV HSD) -    2019-2020
  • Statement of Educational Purpose (EP HSD)-   2019-2020
  • Student Tax Verification Form (S17 HSD) -   2019-2020
  • Student Marital Status (SM HSD) -   2019-2020
  • Parent Income Waiver (WP17 HSD) -   
  • Student Income Waiver (WS17 HSD) -   2019-2020