LGF Mission

The goal of the Loyola Genomics Facility is to enhance scholarship and facilitate biomedical research at Loyola by providing and maintaining a technological and analytical infrastructure for state-of-the-art genomics service.


LGF Services

To submit an order please complete the sample submission form and the sample info sheet available under the Submit Samples tab.

  • Transcriptomics
    • 3’ RNA Digital Gene Expression Analysis
    • Targeted gene panels for expression level, SNP/indels sequencing
    • microRNA expression of small (<40 nt) RNA molecules
  • DNA Sequencing
    • Amplicon sequencing
    • Targeted gene panels for CNVs and SNP/Indels sequencing
    • Genome/plasmid sequencing using sequencing (Up to 50GB sequence data with reads up to 10-30KB in length)
  • Metagenomics
    • 16s RNA bacterial community metagenomics
    • ITS fungal community metagenomic
  • Bioinformatics
    • LGF offers a wide variety of advanced bioinformatics options to make the most out of your data, whether it was collected at the LGF or elsewhere. Contact the LGF to find how our analysis approaches can enhance your data's value and how to include LGF Bioinformatics services in your next grant proposal.


LGF Contact Information:
Center for Translational Research & Education
2160 S. First Ave Building 115,
Lab 177A, Office 120
Maywood, IL 60153
Twitter: @GenomicsLoyola