Amplicon Sequencing

Perform highly targeted resequencing of specific genes of interest, even in difficult-to-sequence areas, with low DNA input.

Key Strengths

  • Offers unparalleled efficiency for discovering, validating, and screening genetic variants with a highly targeted approach
  • Multiplexes up to 1,536 amplicons per reaction to achieve coverage of up to 650 kB of cumulative sequence with TruSeq Custom Amplicon Kit
  • Delivers improved performance in difficult to address GC-rich regions, as well as increased library yield, uniformity, and stability from samples as low as 50 ng with TruSeq Custom Amplcon.


  • Cancer research- custom amplicon sequencing is useful for targeting genes known to be involved in diseases, such as cancer. Efficient, targeted cutom amplicon sequencing achieves research results quickly and efficiently.
  • Microbial genomics- microbial samples are often complex, requiring researchers to identify and compare the populations and activities of the microbes present within a single sample. High-speed, multiplex 16S amplicon sequencing improves the sensitivity and specificity of taxonomic assignments down to the genus level and species level in some cases.
  • Public health- Foodborne illness occurs when people eat food contaminated with pathogenic organisms. NGS allows population health experts to quickly identify the organisms involved in an outbreak, improving health care for the affected people and effectively addressing the source of the outbreak.