2021 Scientist Loading Qiagen QIAcube Pipette Tips

Our lab is designed with the purpose of separating workflows to ensure success.

We have an Ultra Clean side that is pre-PCR. The side is used when samples are at their most vulnerable stage. This includes a biosafety cabinet with laminar flow, not allowing any air flow in or out, protecting samples from potential contamination. In addition, we have centrifuges, vortexers, and pipettes specifically for this side of the lab contained within the biosafety cabinet. Everything is cleaned thoroughly with bleach, along with the use of DNAaway and RNAseZap (the formers based on the individual project). We have separate lab coats for the Ultra Clean side and switch gloves often.  

The other side of the lab is the Clean side of the lab, that can be used post-Indexing PCR. This side includes a PCR hood. On this side there are centrifuges, vortexes, and pipettes. As is with the Ultra Clean side, everything is regularly cleaned with bleach, DNAaway, RNAseZap. Lab coats are used and gloves are switched often.

Our lab uses top quality pipettes. We use filtered, sterilized, low retention tips.