We offer an array of Wet Bench services, including but not limited to: DNA and RNA Isolations and library preparation ranging three different chemistries: Illumina, IonProton, and Oxford Millipore. We routinely do Shotgun Metagenomics, RNASeq, Amplicon Sequencing, MDA and targeted panels such as TruSight Cardio, TruSight Cancer 500, and Ion Proton Ampliseq.

We take Quality Control seriously. We add our own positive and negative controls to every experiment. At every stage we measure the Qubit concentrations of each sample and use the Bioanalyzer to measure the band size of the samples. In addition, we use qPCR and Gel Electrophoresis. This helps us make sure we are on track to provide our clients with the best results possible.

We provide in house sequencing using Illumina’s MiSeq, Thermofisher’s Ion Proton GeneStudio S5, and Oxford Nanopore’s MinION.

We are willing to work with clients with project design and test out procedures. We also provide some bioinformatics services.