The Graduate School at Loyola University Chicago Health Sciences Division is uniquely situated along with the Stritch School of Medicine and the Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing, on the Loyola University Health Sciences Campus in Maywood, IL.  This environment supports Loyola’s highly interactive approach to education in the Biomedical Sciences.

Students entering the Integrated Program in Biomedical Sciences (IPBS) PhD take the first two semesters of our Core Curriculum, which is designed to give a broad overview of disciplines in the biomedical sciences.  Electives in the first and second years of study include track-specific coursework, and give the student some flexibility in cross-disciplinary study.  Research rotations in the first and second semesters give IPBS PhD students the opportunity to become more acquainted with ongoing research, with the goal of selecting a research laboratory and mentor prior to beginning the second year.

Master of Science students in the Biomedical Sciences are required to take a portion of the IPBS Core Curriculum, along with requirements specific to their program of study.   For more information, MS students should refer to their specific program websites, found under the "Degree Programs" tab. 

All biomedical science PhD and MS students will participate in Journal Clubs and Seminar Series associated with their track of study throughout their graduate training, where they will acquire valuable presentation and critical data analysis skills, and stay abreast of the current scientific literature. 

Specific educational information for the Master of Science in Medical Physiology, and graduate programs in Public Health and Bioethics and Health Policy can be found on their respective websites, within the "Degree Programs" tab.  




Our PhD graduates find success in the areas of academics, the biomedical science industry and medicine.