Useful Graduation Information

All graduate students must maintain active status by continuous registration until the time of defense.  You MUST be registered in the semester in which you defend your thesis/dissertation.  Please pay close attention to the deadlines to apply for graduation/degree conferral, which are well in advance of the conferral dates.

Loyola has 3 conferral dates, and 1 Commencement ceremony (May conferral date), per academic year**:  








Deadline to Apply in LOCUS

August 1 December 1 February 1

Late Application ($25 fee)

August 15 December 15 February 15

Format Check Due

October 1 March 1 June 1

Final Electronic Copy Due

November 1 April 1 July 1


Please take note: Beginning with the December 2016 Conferral date, hard copies of Thesis and Dissertation are no longer required.  

Once your dissertation has been defended, formatted correctly, and approved by your committee, you will need to electronically submit your final copy to the Graduate School for approval. You will also need to turn in a range of supplementary materials (listed below) with your final copies.

Your final electronic submission must be uploaded ON OR BEFORE the published final electronic copy deadline for the term in which you expect to receive your degree. The final electronic copy deadlines are as follows:

  • May degree conferral final electronic copy deadline: April 1st
  • August degree conferral final electronic copy deadline: July 1st
  • December degree conferral final electronic copy deadline: November 1st

If your materials are incomplete or inaccurate, the Graduate School will contact you with a list of required corrections. If required corrections are too extensive or take too long to complete, you may not graduate and the Graduate School will not confer your degree. For this reason, please make every effort to format your manuscript correctly, include all of the materials listed below, and to meet the published deadlines.  Also, please keep in mind that a dissertation or thesis is only one of your degree requirements, and that the Graduate School will not confer your degree unless you meet all of these requirements. 

On or before the final copies deadline, please turn in to the HSD Graduate School Administrator:

  • One electronic copy of your completed, formatted manuscript
  • Final approval sheet, with director signature 
  • Extra title page, formatted as described in the Manual (in PDF form)
  • One extra abstract, formatted as described in the Manual (in PDF form)
  • Confirmation that you have completed the NORC Survey of Earned Doctorates (dissertations only)

For more detailed information, please refer to the following.  Please note that the Associate Dean for the HSD Campus is Dr. Cribbs (, and dissertation formatting and final copies are handled by Donna Buczek ( and Ann Kennedy ( in the HSD Graduate Office.  


** “Graduation” (Degree Conferral) and “Commencement” are two separate processes, and both require application.  For more information on attending the May Commencement ceremony (updated yearly), please go to: