Current Faculty Research

  • Edward M. Campbell, PhD
    Retroviral infection and restriction factor biology
  • Michael A. Collins, PhD
    Mediators/mechanisms of neurodegeneration and neuroprotection
  • Mitchell Denning, PhD
    Role of protein kinase C isoforms in normal skin biology, the response of skin to ultraviolet radiation, and skin carcinogenesis
  • Lydia L. DonCarlos, PhD
    Hormonal control of brain development and plasticity
  • Jose Alejandro Guevara-Pantino, MD, PhD
    Manipulating and regulating T cell function to enhance their anti-tumor activity for cancer therapy
  • Phong T. Le, PhD
    Biology of human thymic epithelial cells
  • Toni R. Pak, PhD
    Neuroendocrine regulation of puberty and the molecular mechanisms of nuclear steroid receptor transactivation.
  • Karie Scrogin, PhD
    Neuroendocrine regulation of circulation in shock, heart failure and anxiety
  • William H. Simmons, PhD
    Mechanism of inactivation of Bradykinin, an important hormone in the cardiovascular system
  • Clodia Osipo, PhD
    Cancer research on resistance to therapy and how cancer cells evade therapy to increase Notch signaling to promote resistance
  • John Callaci, PhD
    Biochemical, biomechanical and molecular effects of alcohol on the skeleton
  • Mashkoor A. Choudhry, PhD
    Gut immunity and epithelial barrier in response to injury 
  • Jordan Beach, PhD
    Investigating how cells build contractile forces, which are critical at steady-state for many cellular processes, but are especially important during dynamic cell movements, such as cell migration and cell division
  • Katherine Radek, PhD
    Physiologic and psychological stress influence on cutaneous antimicrobial peptide (AMP) and Toll-like receptor signaling in burn wound and excisional wound injury 
  • Ivana Kuo, PhD
    Signaling pathways of calcium-modulating protein polycystin 2 and other molecular targets