Program Introduction

Microbial infectious diseases are among the most profound health challenges facing humanity today. With the increasing need for translationally trained researchers, the Master’s in Infectious Disease and Immunology offers students a strong foundation as they look forward to careers in the research field.


Our program is a partnership between Loyola’s Stritch School of Medicine (SSOM) and the Infectious Disease and Immunology Research Institute (InDIRI). This association brings together the strengths of both programs and forms a community of uniquely collaborative and integrated scientific researchers, with a wide range of expertise including bacterial and viral disease, host-microbe interactions, immunology, translational studies, and implementation studies.


Our program provides a curriculum that emphasizes a strong grounding in the fundamentals of basic cellular and molecular biology, as well as infectious disease. It provides the opportunity for our students to be involved in translational research projects between the InDIRI faculty. In addition our program offers elective courses with a specific interest in a career as a director of clinical trials. These electives, in advanced statistics and clinical trial management, prepare our students to play a key role at this crucial interface between research and the clinic.

Translational Research

Our program is in harmony with that of the National Institutes of Health’s Roadmap for Medical Research, which strongly encourages translational research: research that has practical and clinical applications. This connection with NIH goals ensures that students receive relevant, timely training that prepares them for meaningful careers in the laboratory and the workforce.

The Master’s in Infectious Disease and Immunology is a two-year, full time, research-intensive program.

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InDIRI Student Resources

Infectious Disease and Immunology Research Institute (InDIRI) is within the Graduate School of Loyola University Chicago. The Institute is located in the Health Science Division (HSD) in Maywood, IL. Current students can view the HSD Graduate School resource page to access pertinent forms and  information.