Graduate Program Information

We offer a 2-year, full-time research-intensive program that leads to a Master of Science Degree in Infectious Disease and Immunology. Students will receive rigorous training in the fundamentals of the scientific method, and in practical laboratory skills, by performing a research project under the joint direction of two scientific mentors: a basic scientist and a clinician. Please refer to the program brochure for more information: .

Master’s students will graduate with the ability to:

  • Discuss, develop and supervise projects that call for a broad training in the biomedical sciences and focused training in Infectious Disease and Immunology
  • Provide technical expertise in molecular and/or cellular biology and a variety of other areas, such as biochemistry, immunological techniques, enzyme assays, and cell culture
  • Act as liaison between researchers and clinical faculty and in situations that require familiarity with clinical presentations within the areas of infectious disease and immunology, as well as treatment of infectious disease
  • Incorporate high standards of ethics into research design and execution and data interpretation
  • Incorporate high standards of ethics with respect to patient interaction and confidentiality
  • Demonstrate strong oral presentation skills in the course of dialogues with colleagues, clients, physicians, and research scientists
  • Have thorough knowledge, within the fields of infectious diseases and immunology, of the biomedical research process including project planning, experimental design, and research protocol development. This knowledge will be beneficial to those pursuing careers in health sciences, government or commercial environments.
  • The ability to develop and conduct biomedical research projects focused on infectious disease and Immunology
  • A foundation in molecular and cellular biology, cutting edge knowledge in microbiology, virology and immunology.
  • Strong oral presentation skills
  • The ability to make strong contributions in careers in health sciences, and in related areas in government and commercial sector


For more information:

Please fill out a request at the following link: REQUEST INFORMATION.

Be sure to identify your interest by choosing the Biomedical Sciences category and selecting Infectious Disease and Immunology!