Katherine L. Knight, PhD

Katherine L. Knight, PhD


Ph.D., Indiana University


Major Research Interests: B-lymphocyte development and generation of the antibody repertoire


Exposure of individuals to foreign antigens, such as those associated with bacteria and viruses, results in production of thousands of different antibody molecules. My laboratory is interested in how organisms develop such a large and diverse array of antibodies during an immune response. The goals of our research are to elucidate the molecular genetic mechanisms that generate antibody diversity and that regulate the expression of immunoglobulin (lg) genes

Mammals use several strategies to generate antibody diversity. They have the capacity to produce many different Ig heavy chains and light chains (the building blocks of antibody molecules), which can be used in different combinations to generate antibody diversity. The Ig heavy and light chains each have variable (V) regions and constant regions that are encoded by separate genes. Different V genes, of which there are hundreds, are used to produce antibodies of different specificities. Rearrangement of the V genes by somatic recombination is required before an antibody can be produced by a B lymphocyte. Additional diversity is generated in gut-associated lymphoid tissues, and exposure to microbial flora of the gut is required for this somatic diversification to occur. We are investigating how a lymphocyte chooses to rearrange and express a particular V gene, how this rearranged V gene undergoes somatic diversification, and how intestinal microorganisms mediate somatic diversification oft heV genes. Details of individual projects can be found at our laboratory home page.

For our investigations we use normal and transgenic rabbits as well as rabbits genetically modified by nuclear transfer techniques. We use molecular genetic, immunochemical, and cell culture techniques, including DNA cloning and sequencing and in vitro gene expression.

Rabbit Hybridomas

  • Method for fusion with the rabbit plasmacytoma 240E-1


  Molecular Biology

  • Large Scale Preparation of Plasmid DNA
  • Plasmid DNA Preparation - SuperQuickie
  • Northern Blot Analysis
  • Phage and Phage DNA Preparation
  • Genomic DNA Preparation
  • RNA Isolation by CsCl or TRIzol® Method
  • RNase Protection Assay
  • Preparation of Frozen Electrocompetent E. coli for Transformation
  • Transfection by Electroporation
  • 125I Labeling of Protein - ICl Method
  • Preparation of Single Stranded M13 Template DNA
  • One-step" Protocol for Transforming Yeast
  • Preparation of Rabbit Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes (PBL)



  • Isolation of PBL from Buffy Coats
  • Western Blot


Mentoring is one of the most important and rewarding experiences of an academic scientist. I have discussed my views on mentoring both in writing and in oral presentations. Five of these are provided below:

• Presentation on Mentoring at the University of Massachusetts, May 2012: Mentoring: The challenge of looking at something familiar and seeing it in a new way

• An article published in the Association for Women in Science - Chicago, February 2010, about my mentoring activities.

• Address at Loyola University Chicago Graduate School Commencement, April 2004 Upon Receipt of Faculty Member of the Year Award.

• Excerpts from the AAI Presidential Address:"Doing it together: A Perspective on the Process of Experimental Science" (1997).

•  in April, 1994 given in a symposium organized by the Women's Committee of AAI at the annual meeting of AAI in 1994.

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