Addiction Medicine Interest Group

One in ten Americans struggle with addiction. Regardless of specialty, all physicians will encounter addiction in their patients during their career. Addiction is a chronic disease, much like Type II Diabetes and cancer. It is not merely a choice, but a disease that is caused by a combination of factors, including genetic predisposition and environmental exposure to alcohol and other substances.

The Addiction Medicine Interest Group (AddMed) serves to raise awareness about the disease of addiction. It is important to reduce the stigma associated with addiction (particularly substance use disorders). Our goal is to educate physicians-in-training about the bio-psycho-social complexities of this gripping disease, the recovery and treatment process, and the impact of addiction on patients and families. We are also aiming to add a service component to our group's activities: interacting with recovering addicts. We believe this will be an invaluable experience for both students and the patients. Our aim is to foster empathy and understanding among students toward individuals who are struggling with addiction. 


We will hold monthly journal clubs, mini-case presentations, and Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) presentations to introduce group members to the many facets that contribute to the development and manifestation of addiction, with a focus on alcoholism and substance use disorders. (We will alternate between all three activities and have only one once a month throughout the year). All are welcome to attend our meetings (students, residents, faculty, etc).


Faculty Liaisons

  • Alma Ramic
  • Virgilio Arenas

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