ATC Clinic Health Coaching Program

Stritch ATC (Access to Care) Health Coaches will enthusiastically and wholeheartedly work collaboratively with Loyola patients and the community members of Maywood to empower them in improving health outcomes despite being challenged by health inequities (i.e., low SES, unsafe neighborhoods, food deserts).

We will work alongside patients to encourage them to embody healthier living habits, encompassing nutrition, exercise, mental well-being, and health literacy. As a team, health coaches and patients will decide on health goals and creative ways to achieve them.

Driven by a strong passion for preventive health to reduce the prevalence of chronic illnesses in our society, such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol, the ATC Health Coaching Team will work intently and one-on-one with patients to:
- Establish a personal and trusting connection and relationship
- Develop specific and attainable health goals
- Encourage self-efficacy and positive thinking in those respective goals

Our aim is to match Stritch medical students with patients who are seeking further help with lifestyle changes, particularly those currently diagnosed and struggling with preventable illnesses. We will show them that they CAN live a healthier and happier life, reducing the ailments brought on by their illnesses.

Our medical students will learn through experience how to professionally interact with patients and their respective physicians and residents, promote preventive health, create attainable goals with patients, and intertwine creative ideas for a health regime with accurate medical and health recommendations.

Our patients will be supported enthusiastically by optimistic health coaches, receive ideas and tips for lifestyle changes, and have a dependable teammate to hold them accountable for their desired changes.

Faculty Liaison

  • Dr. Matthew Fitz

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Clinic Coordinator: Pranavi Chamarthi

Patient Coordinator: Stefani Bui

Student Representative Coordinator: Subathra Raj