Bone Marrow Transplant Awareness Group

This organization will be a student run group that is dedicated to the lifesaving mission of bone marrow transplants (BMTs). Current second year medical student board members will recruit first year medical students to host a bone marrow drive for their class. Additionally, the board will organize educational talks on transplant medicine and hear testimonials from donors and recipients.

Host an annual bone marrow swab drive open to all Loyola students, staff, and guests/patients. Plans to incorporate transplant medicine professionals in panels and meetings. Encourage students to attend blood drives in the Center for Fitness.

While this group will require minimal resources and time, it will have a large impact on both our student body and on patients who are seeking a BMT, and could be easily replicated each year by a new group of rising M2s. This organization will increase understanding and participation in bone marrow transplant medicine, and dispel myths that pervade this life saving field.


Faculty Liaison

  • Heather Hedlund 

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