Business in Medicine

Business in Medicine’s (BiM's) purpose is twofold: to educate future physicians on the business aspects of healthcare management and to provide opportunities for Stritch students to tap into their innovative side to develop ideas to improve healthcare or medical student experience.

Students have the opportunity to demonstrate these innovative ideas through BiM's platform, “The Pitch.” This platform is similar to the show Shark Tank where students will pitch their idea to a panel of Loyola physicians. Students tackle issues related to: improving patient care at Loyola University Medical Center, easing the administrative burden on physicians, and improving the medical student experience at Stritch.

Besides The Pitch, BiM holds many physician-led talks. Here, Stritch students have the unique opportunity to learn more about business-related topics. Some of which include: working at a private practice vs. academic center, developing leadership, business and medical ethics, personal finances, and health insurance. These talks are meant to expose students to concepts they might not get in their traditional education.

As physicians, our number one priority will be to heal and care for patients. However, we cannot deny the fact that medicine is a business and we will be in the middle of it during our practice. We aim to help the students at SSOM become well-rounded physicians that are financially literate for their own personal benefit and knowledgeable in financial barriers patients might encounter. Overall, BiM strives to give Stritch students opportunities to learn about working within or for a business, whether it is private or public, for-profit or not, large or small, during medical school, allowing them to better understand the business landscape of medicine before entering residency.


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