Christian Medical and Dental Association

The Christian Medical & Dental Association (CMDA) has four purposes. First, provide educational resources, networking opportunities, medical missions, and a voice for Christian health care professionals through collaboration with the CMDA’s stakeholders. Second, identify professional practice gaps; and design, deliver, evaluate and document educational activities and initiatives to change health care professionals’ competence, performance and patient outcomes for the purpose of improving the health and welfare of patients. Third, provide a forum for the challenges faced by Christian healthcare professionals concerning bioethics, rights of conscience and other controversial topics. The CMDA’s stakeholders include its members, physicians, dentists and other health care professionals practicing in missions regionally, nationally and internationally. Fourth, build collaborations with national and international organizations including ministries of health, hospitals, universities and others.

Our local statement of purpose is to foster spiritual growth and fellowship amongst our Christian brothers and sisters and serve our classmates and community as best we can through bible study, on campus events, and off campus fellowship.

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