Culture in Medicine

Culture in Medicine is dedicated to exposing students to the impact of different cultures in medicine and equip students with tools and knowledge necessary to provide culturally competent care to patients. Culture influences patients’ perceptions of health, illness, treatment, and death. It also affects patients’ approaches to medical care and their ability to cope and manage the illness. Gaining an understanding of different cultural values and traditions will enable us to better understand our patients and provide them with a more patient-centered approach to care.  We will use small monthly sessions involving food, games, and lessons to engage students and increase their awareness of the impact of culture on healthcare. Furthermore, we plan on hosting speakers (students, physicians, etc.) who have experience caring for patients from different cultural backgrounds or have practiced medicine abroad. Through these efforts, we hope to expose and educate students on the influence of culture in medicine.


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President - Tanvi Patel,

Vice President - Oways Shaqildi,

Secretary - Lubna Hashim,

MSU Representative - Sara Khan,