Data Science & Medicine

The purpose of Data Science & Medicine (DSM) is to introduce students to the powerful untapped potential of data science in clinical research. We aim to foster a community of future-thinking physicians who will have basic technical competencies and an understanding of the growing role of big data in medical discovery.

This organization will familiarize students with how different analytical tools are used in each step of healthcare data flow. No previous experience in coding or data analytics is necessary; we want to teach data science principles to be accessible to and useful for all Stritch students, as students interested in STAR or any other clinical research will likely have to utilize one, if not multiple, of these analytical tools.

DSM will start the year by teaching sessions on REDCap and SQL, two key methods for healthcare data acquisition. This will be followed by teaching sessions introducing students to programming in R and Python, starting from the basics with a focus on clinical research application. These ~30 minute teaching sessions will use open source resources, followed by a Q&A session in which experienced programmers will share their research projects and answer any questions students have. We believe that baseline understanding of data science is a critical and currently missing dimension to medical education of the future; our club aims to help Stritch students get ahead of the curve.

DSM will have liaisons to connect students with faculty members interested in projects related to the principles taught throughout the club. Students interested in this will be given contact with various professors conducting research leveraging data science. The hope is that students can use the concepts and principles taught in DSM in a practical environment, strengthening their mastery of the topics and enhancing their overall medical education.

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President - Brigid Walsh,

Vice President - Parker Woldt,