ENRICH Urban Farming and Gardening

ENRICH Urban Farming and Gardening works to help address the lack of community access to produce. This group is a great fit for students with an interest in community health, farming or gardening, and for those hoping to become more involved in Maywood. ENRICH was started by a Stritch student in 2012 not only to fill the need for access to healthy food in Maywood, but also to create a beautiful space for the community to care for and enjoy. 2021 marks the 10th summer of planting and harvesting produce during the months of April through October. Volunteers can help manage the community garden and assist with programs that take place there. We are open to new ideas and programs as we strive to partner with the community to utilize this beautiful space to its fullest extent. 

Contact Us


Kiley Charbonneau (kcharbonneau@luc.edu)

Naomi Desai (ndesai@luc.edu)

Emily Dorian (edorian@luc.edu)

Clare Bakker (cbakker@luc.edu)

MSU Rep- Margaret Desmond (mdesmond@luc.edu)