Family Medicine Interest Group

The mission of the Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG) is to provide opportunities for the students at Stritch to learn more about the Family Medicine specialty. Through community service, mentoring programs, guest speakers, and physician panels, we hope to foster the interest in this field throughout the school.


  • Panels - In the Fall semester, we co-host Primary Care Physician panel with other interest groups to talk about their career path and current lives. In the Spring semester, we host a Family Medicine Pathway panel for students to explore different career options within family medicine.
  • Workshops - During the year, we host 1-2 clinical skills workshops. Some examples in the past: suturing workshop, auscultation workshop.
  • Shadowing & Mentorship - For any member interested, we can connect the student with Family Medicine physicians at Loyola who are willing to serve as a mentor and/or have you shadow.
  • Journal Clubs - Host 1-2 workshops lead by Family Medicine faculty across a wide range of topics relevant to the field.
  • Conferences – We connect you with regional and national conferences that are great for exploring the field and networking with residency programs.


Faculty Liasons

  • Dr. Amy Buchanan – FMIG Advisor
  • Dr. Camilla Larsen, Dr. Rebecca Maddrell – FM Specialty Advisors

Contact Us


President - Ryan Belloli,

VP - Teresa Cheng,

Secretary - Olivia Myers,

Treasurer - Anne Marie Radzik,

M3 Representative - Madhuri Jois,

M4 Representative - Nora Martinez,