FGLI (First-Generation, Low-Income) Support Committee

Are you the first in your family to attend college? A medical student, administrator or faculty member from a disadvantaged background? The first physician in your family? An ally who would like to support and understand the experience of First-Generation and Low-Income (FGLI) classmates? If so, consider joining Stritch's inaugural FGLI community. 

Based on student feedback, the FGLI Committee was recently established in collaboration with MSU. Our community will serve three primary aims: 

  1. Social support & community through building space to recognize a shared identity, elevating student stories, & advocating for FGLI student needs
  2. Workshops related to the hidden curriculum of medical school including academic & financial support
  3. Mentorship by developing a professional network within Stritch faculty & alumni


Sign up here for opportunities and programming: https://forms.gle/GfjWFVDkL21PufAYA

Subscribe to the FGLI YouTube channel for updates: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hyIGGCWsVkY&t=2s

Contact Us


Committee Leader: Amberly Mendez, amendes@luc.edu

Outreach: Hannah Carey, hcarey@luc.edu;Zoe Abrahamson, zabrahamson@luc.edu; David Gutierrez, jgutierrezsanabria@luc.edu

Mentorship: Alejandra Laverde, alaverde@luc.edu; Jessie Chen, jchen20@luc.edu

Seminar/Workshop: Alexis Hernandez, ahernandez53@luc.edu; Sherry Chen, schen28@luc.edu

Advisors: Rasa Valiauga, rvaliauga@luc.edu; Sebastian Kolaj, skolaj1@luc.edu; Lizzy Tutu, etutu@luc.edu; Daniel Bujnowski, dbujnowski@luc.edu