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Microbes are little organisms that are ubiquitous throughout the environment including within our bodies. Many diseases are known to have microbial etiology and diseases traditionally thought to be non-infectious are being discovered to have microbial contributions. Thus, whatever medical specialty you are interested in, chances are that you will eventually see a microbe-associated disease!

The Infectious Disease Interest Group (IDIG) is a group designed to provide students an experience of what Infectious Disease (ID) practitioners face every day: managing microbial diseases, managing clinical outbreaks and epidemics, improving patient safety, and applying cutting-edge advances in understanding microbes. We ultimately hope that wherever you decide to practice, you will appreciate the everyday impact microbes have on patients and even us as the future practitioners.

We will have various events aimed at introducing many different aspects of ID practice which includes clinical ID, infection control, and research. Meetings can be an invited panel of ID faculty or be student-led on discussing things like training pathways to ID, how ID practice looks (and feels) like, and journal discussions on microbial topics.

The Division of ID at LUHS is integrated with the Department of Microbiology and Immunology under the Infectious Disease and Immunology Institute (InDII) which facilitates translational research between clinicians and scientists. For those interested in research aspects of ID, you can attending relevant InDII seminars as they become available.


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