Mental Illness & Neurological Disease - Psychiatry Student Interest Group

The Mental Illness and Neurological Disease (MIND) interest group will provide opportunities for students to explore neurological and psychiatric disorders, as well as psychiatry and related specialties. By analyzing current topics in basic research and emerging theory we hope to better understand the perplexing biological and physical processes that, from a scientific perspective, give rise to the subjective perceptions of reality. How is it that a complex system of interacting cells coalesces to form what we experience as consciousness? Further, how do alterations in the biochemistry of neurons and more macroscopic changes in connectivity between neurons lead to the pathogenesis of psychiatric and neurological disease? We will also discuss the practicality of treatment, developing alternative approaches to treatment, and the financial issues that face the medical field in a rapidly growing and aging population. In addition, MIND aims to provide students with a platform to gain further exposure to psychiatry and its related subject areas through physician and peer engagement and discussion. 

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Co-President - Evan Sitar,, Co-President - Elaina Wilkens,

Vice President - Jade Bae,

Secretary - Drishti Jain,

Treasurer - McKenna Cole,