National Arab American Medical Association (NAAMA) NextGen

The National Arab American Medical Association (NAAMA) is a nonprofit, nonpolitical, educational, and humanitarian organization of medical and dental professionals of Arab descent. NAAMA NextGen is an incubator of NAAMA and was developed to help enhance the careers of all students, including students of Arab descent as well as those who are interested in Arab culture, and empower them to play a role in in healthcare advocacy and community service. NAAMA NextGen hopes to provide a platform for all to get together, become more involved with the community, and learn about Arab culture to provide culturally sensitive care for Arab American patients. This organization has an affiliation with a "parent" organization, such as a local, regional or national chapter. The name of this organization is: National Arab American Medical Association. Understanding that the constitutions and procedures of this parent organization may periodically conflict with the requirements and mission of Loyola University of Chicago, we agree that anytime there is a conflict, the requirements and policies of Loyola University will take precedence.

Faculty Liaison

  • Muaiad Kittaneh 

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