Ophthalmology Interest Group

The Ophthalmology Interest Group (OIG) is a student-run organization within the Stritch School of Medicine that seeks to provide students with early exposure to gain an understanding and appreciation for the field of ophthalmology. We provide the opportunities for students to explore the clinical and academic aspects of ophthalmology as well as participate in community outreach. 

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President: Anjali Ferris (aferris@luc.edu) President: Wyatt Corbin (wcorbin@luc.edu)

VP of Mentorship: Kavya Jatavallabhula (kjatavallabhula@luc.edu)

VP of Communications: Shashank Gupta (sgupta12@luc.edu)

VP of Service: Damla Oncel (doncel@luc.edu)

VP of Education: Sarah Tajran (stajran@luc.edu)

Secretary: Ryan Hakim (rhakim@luc.edu)