Orthopaedic Surgery Interest Group

Our group is dedicated to helping medical students learn about the exciting field of Orthopaedic Surgery through talks with Loyola doctors, facilitating shadowing and research opportunities, and other hands on educational experiences.


  • Intro to Ortho
  • Research meeting
  • Fracture conferences
  • Weekly research and education conferences
  • Common orthopaedic injuries of the upper and lower extremity
  • How to match Orthopaedics lecture
  • Post-match panel
  • A day in the life panel
  • Perry Initiative‚Äôs Women in Ortho event
  • Medical Student Program at AAOS Annual Meeting
  • Upper and lower extremity physical exam workshops
  • Orthopaedic clinical shadowing program
  • Department of Orthopaedic Surgery grand rounds
  • Suturing and skills workshops
  • Consults, rounding, and splinting 101 workshop


Loyola's Department of Orthopedic Surgery and Rehabilitation: https://ssom.luc.edu/ortho/ 


Faculty Liaisons

  • Adam Schiff 

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