Physicians for Human Rights

Since 1986, Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) has enabled physicians and medical students to use their knowledge of the complexity of health and their respected role in their community to promote universal human rights and elucidate violations to such rights. The promotion of human rights is critical to the physical, psychological, and emotional health of all people and therefore of utmost relevance and importance to those in healthcare. PHR is guided in all its work through a firm belief that comprehensive, high-quality healthcare is a human right for all.

The Stritch chapter of PHR focuses on bringing awareness to incidents of human rights abuse in local and global contexts, along with celebrating those who are doing positive work toward achieving rights for all. Our group will work with other student organizations on campus to host events for the larger Stritch community to learn about the complexities of human rights and shine a light on examples of people and organizations working to lessen global and local disparities.

This year we will also specifically be working on supporting communities seeking asylum through medical forensic exams. This project is in its beginning stages in collaboration with students from other Chicago area medical schools.

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