Polish American Medical Student Society

Polish American Medical Student Society (PAMSS) serves to educate about and share the Polish culture with the national medical student population. The Stritch School of Medicine’s PAMSS chapter is dedicated to exposing Stritch’s student population to Polish culture. One of the ways that Stritch’s PAMSS chapter strives to do this is by hosting Polish cultural events. Wigilia is a traditional Polish Christmas Eve dinner that PAMSS hosts for Stritch students. By following Polish tradition and literally breaking bread together and eating traditional Polish foods while being told about their meaning, Stritch students participate in one of the oldest and most meaningful Polish traditions. PAMSS also helps organize the Polish Physician Panel, which exposes students to the Polish medical community in Chicago. Attendees can learn about the power of cultural connection between physician and patient, as well as about common Polish stances on different aspects of medicine. PAMSS’s overarching goal is to provide interested medical students with a general overview of Polish background and perspective to better inform their practice as future physicians.

Faculty Liaison

  • Josephine Dlugopolski-Gach

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